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35 Best Esthetician Schools Online 

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Depending on who you ask, beauty will always remain an integral part of what makes humans tick. This is why architects will always be in demand; this is why costumiers will remain relevant in show business; this is why estheticians will always be crucial to helping people not lose any sleep over their appearance. 

Estheticians are skincare professionals who help enhance people’s physical appearances by providing services that vary from skin cleansing, nail-fixing and trimming, make-up application, and advice on skincare routines based on customer skin type. 

These professionals are one of the unsung heroes in man’s quest for maintaining beauty; and if you’ve clicked on this article, then it is very likely it’s because you want to find out what the best esthetician schools online for you to begin your remote learning are, and scale your beauty career to new heights.

If you are looking to kick-start your esthetician career, we have written a complete guide for you in this article—where do you start from, where can you find work, how can you become an esthetician, as well as top esthetician schools online for you to select from, if, like me, you prefer asynchronous learning to in-person schools.

We will begin with some popular questions about the esthetics and work our way up the recommended schools. This is one resource you do not want to miss. Continue reading to find out vital information we’ve hidden in this article for you.

What is the Job Outlook for Esthetics?

Estheticians, also known as “Skincare Specialists,” are one of the most important non-scientist workers in the beauty industry. They make it their responsibility to make people look and feel good. Moreso, good physical appearance in humans is known to improve self-esteem because of how we closely associate how we look with our perceived value.

So, if you do decide to work as an esthetician, you will no doubt be choosing to make an impact on people. Moreover, estheticians can work in a variety of settings, including salons, spas, hotels, and medical offices. Many estheticians also choose to start their businesses or work as freelance makeup artists. Estheticians are known to have job security, with more than 80,500 of these specialists currently in employment in the United States.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job outlook for skincare specialists is generally positive; about 13,500 new openings will be created in the next decade, and this will lead to an employment change of 17% (faster than the national average).

How Much Do Estheticians Make?

The median hourly wage for estheticians is $17.93 (~ BLS, 2021). In a year, this amounts to just over $35,000.

Other top talent recruiter platforms like Indeed, reported that estheticians make $23.63 per hour ($43,044 annually) in the United States. This data was gathered from the salary responses of over 127,000 estheticians already working in the U.S.

How to Become an Esthetician

The entry-level degree you need to become an esthetician is low. With a high school diploma qualification, you can become an esthetician. This is because there are high schools that offer vocational training that include esthetics and cosmetology. However, whichever path you decide to tow, you must complete your cosmetology training from state-approved schools to become eligible for a license to practice.

Again, this is not subjective. But here’s the summary of what your career trajectory working as esthetics may look like:

  • Complete a high school diploma or GED.
  • Enroll in an approved Esthetics school; you can also apply to accredited esthetician schools online that meet your selection criteria.
  • You can also apply to post-secondary vocational schools that offer esthetician training.
  • Once you’ve completed your training and obtained your certificate, you can choose to shadow a skincare professional who has been in the practice long enough. What this helps you do is to gain some useful experience under your belt. You may even decide to work as an apprentice to a professional for at least one year. Although this is not something that people consider necessary, I think job shadowing is important in the building process.
  • The next step is to complete both written and practical exams to get a state license. If you’re American, the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology and the American Association of Cosmetology Schools are two premier regulation agencies that provide license requirements for intending professionals to be aware of, as well as mock exams that you can prepare with.
  • After obtaining a state license to practice, you can choose to work on your own, and open your spa, or begin your career by working for somebody else to learn the business side of the skill.
  • Finally, keep taking continuing education courses to keep your skills updated and stay in touch with trends in the beauty industry.

Where Can You Work as an Esthetician?

As I earlier mentioned, estheticians can work in a variety of settings. But whether you decide to work as a freelancer or become an independent spa owner, will entirely be up to you. Albeit, the most common places of employment for estheticians include:

  • Spas and salons: Spas and salons offer skincare services like hair-cutting, coloring and styling, waxing and other forms of hair removal, nail treatment, facials, tanning, massages, and complementary care such as aromatherapy. As an esthetician, you can work in spas or salons to provide your services in any of these areas.
  • Medical spas: Medical spas offer a range of services, such as Botox injections, laser hair removal, and other medical procedures. Some of these treatments can be your responsibility as an esthetician employed by a medical spa.
  • Hotels and resorts: Hotels and resorts are known to desperately be on the lookout for services that help their clients relax. Some of these places typically provide spa services that guests can take advantage of. So, you can work in hotels and resort spas.
  • Freelance:  Finally, you can work as a freelancer, providing your services directly to both private clients and spa companies (as some people typically do), or you can decide to offer your services to only established spas as a contract hire.

Can You Do Esthetician Schools Online?

You can enroll in online esthetician schools. These schools provide esthetician courses entirely online through asynchronous or synchronous meeting schedules. Some of these courses being offered include nail tech and many other aspects of skincare maintenance.

You will have the opportunity to take your classes online and not suffer in your work schedule. More importantly, studying in esthetician schools online offers you the chance to learn at cheaper tuition than in-person classes.

What Do You Need to Apply to Online Esthetician Schools?

You must fulfill specific criteria if you want to enroll in an online esthetician school. The school you’re applying to may have different requirements, but the following are some typical ones:

  • High school diploma or GED: Most esthetician schools require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Age requirement: Some schools require applicants to be at least 18 years old.
  • Basic skills: You’ll need to have basic skills in areas such as reading, writing, and math.
  • Good communication skills: As an esthetician, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with clients. It is also advised that you learn good customer service skills.
  • Passion for skincare: To succeed as an esthetician, you’ll need to have a passion for skincare and beauty.

List of 35 Best Esthetician Schools Online

Now that you know more about the job outlook for estheticians and what you need to apply to online esthetician schools, let’s dive into the list of the best esthetician schools online.

  • Penn Foster College
  • University of Spa & Cosmetology Arts
  • West Georgia Technical College
  • Minnesota School of Cosmetology
  • Westside Tech
  • JD Academy of Salon + Spa
  • Victory Academy of Cosmetology
  • Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
  • University Career School
  • Mirage Spa Education
  • Paul Mitchell Schools
  • Empire Beauty Schools
  • Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics
  • Ogle School
  • West Tennessee Business College
  • Accent Beauty Academy
  • VICI Aveda Institute
  • Aglaia Esthetics
  • Honolulu Nail & Aesthetics Academy
  • Edith Serei Academy
  • 3D Lash & Brow Salon Academy
  • Estelle Skincare & Spa Institute
  • New Age Spa
  • Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics
  • NIMA Institute
  • New Age Spa Institute
  • Xenon Academy
  • Hollywood Institute of Beauty Career
  • Evergreen Beauty College
  • Science of Esthetics
  • Campbellsville University’s School of Cosmetology
  • Laurel Technical Institute
  • The Esthetic Institute
  • Victory’s Academy of Cosmetology
  • Diamond Beauty College.

Overview of 35 Best Esthetician Schools Online 

Let’s go over some of the listed online esthetician schools, and find out what makes each school unique, as well as the specialist courses they offer.

1. Penn Foster College

Tuition: $59 per month

Penn Foster College is a premier online-only esthetician school accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The school provides a platform for students to learn anything ranging from HVAC essentials, veterinary medicine diploma, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician professional, and more.

They provide over 100 certificate courses and diplomas that can provide you with enough knowledge to put you into the thick of your career as soon as possible. Penn prides itself on providing one of the cheapest online courses that you will find on the internet. As such, it is a good place to begin your search for esthetician schools online. With less than $100 paid per month in training fees, Penn may just be an ideal school for you.

2. University of Spa & Cosmetology Arts (USCART)

Tuition: $4,000 – $20,000

The University of Spa & Cosmetology Arts offers beauty and skincare courses in areas like:

  • Cosmetology: this program talks about everything beauty—ranging from hair cutting, styling, makeup, perming, and hair design. What’s more, this course will include a section that teaches its student business management and sets them up with knowledge on how they can run their beauty services.
  • Esthiology: This is also known as “esthetics;” in case you see this term anywhere in this article again. The esthiology course at USCART will feature intensive training courses on skincare theory, skin analysis, artistic application of cosmetics, facial and body waxing, and of course, business management. 
  • Nail Technology: Its nail tech course focuses on training students to learn the intricacies of understanding color combinations that work on nails, and how to nail fixing and trimming work that leads to a successful career.
  • Teacher Training: this section is for those interested in becoming beauty instructors. It interweaves the tenets of business, psychology, and teaching into one complete course that is recommended for anyone who wants to start a career as beauty instructor.
  • Massage Therapy: Curious about massage therapy instead? USCART has a course that provides massage therapy knowledge for anyone who’s looking. You will learn different massaging techniques and business management skills to help you build a clientele for a successful career as a masseuse or masseur.
  • Classic Barbering: Albeit, if you’re interested in barbering and hair styling instead, you can opt for their classic barbering course.
  • Continuing Education classes: USCART also offers courses for adult education. These are programs aimed at already-practicing professionals looking for advanced courses in their field to help them stay relevant in their industry.

Ideally, this school is one that we think doesn’t just want to train you; but wants to set you up to succeed. Hence why it provides business management courses so that students can learn and apply working business techniques and principles to their businesses.

3. West Georgia Technical College

Tuition: $2,192 for local students and $3,992 for domestic students.

West Georgia Technical College provides esthetician courses online that can be finished in as little as six months. This curriculum includes subjects like hair removal, makeup application, and skin maintenance. To be successful as professional estheticians, students will also learn business principles; this school also provides a separate course on business and its practices that students can take advantage of.

4. Minnesota School of Cosmetology

Tuition: $6,000 – $20,000

The online esthetician/cosmetology program at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology can be finished in as little as ten months. This program offers classes in hair removal, makeup application, face treatments, and skin care. In addition, business strategies required for success in the esthetician field will be taught to students. And finally, being an accredited school, students who graduate from this school will be eligible to sit for the State of Minnesota Licensing Board to obtain their license to practice.

5. Westside Tech (now Orange Technical College)

Tuition: $3,192

A six-month minimum is required to complete the online esthetician program offered by Westside Tech. Topics including hair removal, cosmetics application, and skin care are all covered in this class. 

6. JD Academy of Salon + Spa

Tuition: $22,000

A four-month minimum is required to complete the online esthetician program offered by JD School of Salon + Spa. The program promises to be the complete package you need in an esthetician program. JD Academy’s Esthetician course will teach you not only the skills you need to succeed as a skincare specialist, will also learn how to market yourself as a professional. Here are some highlights from its curriculum:

  • Facials
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Hair removal and waxing
  • Makeup application
  • Peels
  • Eyelash perming
  • Eyelash and eyebrow
  • Tinting
  • LED Light therapy
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Ultrasonic Exfoliation 

Overall, this program offers classes in skin care, hair removal, cosmetics application, and facial treatments. 

7. Victory Academy of Cosmetology

Tuition: $11,220 – $18,455

Victory Academy of Cosmetology is a professional beauty salon that provides skincare services to people looking to have great skin. Albeit, the school also offers an education program training for students who want to enroll.

8. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Tuition: $3,152

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College offers online program services in esthetics, cosmetology, and dental technology.

9. University Career School

Tuition: $9,900

University Career School offers an online esthetician program that includes 600 hours of coursework, which can be completed in as little as six months. The program covers a variety of topics, including anatomy and physiology, skin analysis, facials, hair removal, and makeup application. Additionally, the program provides hands-on training through a virtual classroom and offers students the opportunity to complete their practical training at a partner school.

10. Mirage Spa Education

Tuition: $5,000 ($6,000 for international students)

Mirage Spa Education offers a 100% online-only diploma in esthetics and spa therapy. The program lasts for 1200 hours and can be taken from anywhere and anytime you want to. A non-refundable deposit of $250 must first be paid before you will be able to apply to the school.

At the end of this esthetician course, you should learn how to:

  • perform skin care analysis
  • carry out facial treatments and massage
  • apply makeup and remove them
  • remove hair and apply to style
  • apply water and water therapies
  • perform underwater massage, exfoliation, aromatherapy, seaweed and spot treatments, and other advanced skin and body treatments.

11. Paul Mitchell Schools

Tuition: $17,184 – $$37,635

Paul Mitchell Schools are a group of multi-chain beauty schools operating in several locations and providing their services both to clients who want to improve their beauty game, as well as students who want to learn how skin care services are carried out.

Paul Mitchell also has an esthetician school online that lets students apply for apprenticeship programs and get certified after they complete these programs. Courses include esthetics, cosmetology, nail technology, and more. The only downside to this school is that it is really expensive.

Honourable Mentions of Best Esthetician Schools 

Still, looking for more options for esthetician schools online? The following are top recommendations for you:


S/N Best Esthetician Schools Online (Continued) Tuition Fees 
12 Empire Beauty School  $20,430
13 Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics  $17,375
14 Ogle School  $16,950 – $30,000
15 West Tennessee Business College  Over $14,000
16 Accent Beauty Academy  $4,800
17 VICI Aveda Institute  > $16,000
18 Aglaia Esthetics  PAY AS YOU GO
19 Honolulu Nail & Aesthetics Academy  $16,565 (estimated)
20 Edith Serei Academy  $3,000
21 3D Lash & Brow Salon Academy  N/A
22 Estelle Skincare & Spa Institute  $9,975
23 Concepts Institute of Advanced Esthetics  $25 – $120 for micro-courses only
24 NIMA Institute  $6,000
25 New Age Spa Institute  $10,000 (estimated)
26 New Age Spa  $9,500 – $12,000
27 Xenon Academy  $375 – $15,000
28 Hollywood Institute of Beauty Career  $15,582 (~CollegeDroid)
29 Evergreen Beauty College  $10,000 – $15,000
30 Science of Esthetics  $4,100 – $10,000
31 Campbellsville University’s School of Cosmetology  $15,500
32 Laurel Technical Institute  $5,342
33 The Esthetic Institute  $10,000
34 Victory’s Academy of Cosmetology  $10,800 (estimated)
35 Diamond Beauty College  $4,200 (estimated)


FAQs About the Best Esthetician Schools Online

The following are some commonly-asked questions about the esthetics and esthetician schools online that we found. We’ve tried to answer them as best as we possibly can below:

Are online esthetician schools legitimate?

There are reputable online esthetician programs. The National Accrediting Council of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) or other reputable certifying organizations have granted them accreditation. To assure the caliber of the instruction, confirm that an online esthetician program is accredited before enrolling.

How long does it take to complete an online esthetician program?

The time it takes to complete a typical online esthetician course varies from school to school. But from our research, most esthetician courses take between 1,200 – 6,000 hours to complete. So, it is safe to say that you will be done with an online esthetician program in six months. Only rarely do beauty schools have their esthetician course take more than ten months. But if you are studying in a university, then the number of hours you will spend in school will significantly increase.

Can I get licensed as an esthetician by attending an online school?

Of course, you will. But you must enroll only for accredited esthetician schools online. If you study in a school that is not accredited, then you will likely not be eligible to sit for a licensing exam, as one of the requirements that we have established from the beginning of this article is that you must complete a state-approved esthetician course from any accredited school.

What are the disadvantages of attending an online esthetician school?

One of the main disadvantages of attending an online esthetician school is the lack of hands-on training. Esthetics is a practical field that requires hands-on experience to master the techniques. Online schools offer virtual simulations and video demonstrations, but they cannot replace the experience of working with real clients. And that can be a stumbling block for many distance learners.

How much does it cost to attend an online esthetician school?

Typically the range between $100 per micro-courses to as high as $15,000. Elite esthetician schools cost more though.

Can I get financial aid to attend an online esthetician school?

Some schools characteristically offer students access to apply to several federal aid; as well as provide them with opportunities for student loans and scholarships.

What kind of jobs can I get after completing an online esthetician program?

Completing an online esthetician program can prepare you for various jobs in the beauty industry, such as esthetician, skin care specialist, makeup artist, barber, hair stylist, and more. If you aspire to higher roles like a dermatologist, for example, you will need to enroll in a higher qualification degree like a bachelor’s program.

Wrapping It Up

The general perception is that pursuing a career as an esthetician can be a rewarding and fulfilling path. Moreover, with more and more esthetician schools plying their trade online, you can achieve your career goals without compromising your other responsibilities to your work life and family.

These 35 best esthetician schools online offer high-quality education and training in esthetics. They have been carefully selected based on their accreditation, curriculum, reputation, and student reviews.

However, whether you decide to select a school from this list or not, it is important that before enrolling in an online esthetician program, you must make sure to do your research and choose a school that meets your needs and goals and is accredited. Consider factors such as the program length, tuition costs, accreditation, and licensing requirements in your state.

While online esthetician schools offer many benefits, they may not provide the same hands-on experience as traditional schools. You may need to supplement your online education with hands-on training through internships or apprenticeships. Or carefully weigh both options and decide on whether online esthetician schools will cut the kind of education that you require.