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2023 Free Online Makeup Courses with Certificates

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I know you are tired.  You must have gone around looking for Free online Makeup courses with certificates. Worry no more, we have all the answers for you here.

The beauty of a woman is enhanced with correctly done makeup. The right touches of Mascara, Concealer, here and there and you could turn her from beautiful to glorious.

Every woman by right should know how to make themselves up as they need it to shine as they always do. You don’t need to pay to learn to look magnificent.

Are you a future makeup artist looking for the first big steps to your limitless career? If money seems to be the problem don’t worry we will handle it in this article.

In this article, we would treat all this including showing you where you can learn to make up courses online, both for beginners and already advanced people.  Read on

Can you learn a Make-up Course Online?

Yes, learning makes up just like any other skill that can be learned online.

The only things possibly needed are a smartphone and a proper internet connection and we can go ahead learning.

There are advantages and disadvantages to learning online which may include the following.

  • Learning online would help the users learn properly as they would be able to replay the video and return to it when needed.
  • The learner has access to great makeup artists around the world. They can access anyone and choose to learn at their feet from the leisure of their homes.
  • The learner learns at their own pace. They can slow down the videos, pause, replay, and go through things they need to understand.

The disadvantages may include:

  • The unseriousness of the learner is because of the absence of the physical presence of the instructor.
  • They may be distracted as they may choose to learn in a place that is too comfortable.
  • Real-time learning comes too with interaction with your instructors as the instructors would be able to make corrections at points where mistakes are made. This is not usually available online.

Overall, if the user needs to learn properly they could combine both. But if they don’t have makeup artists present to teach them the online would be more favorable.

How can I learn Makeup Online for free?

Firstly, learning makeup online is very possible. There are sites and apps where these things are taught.

These are available so that potential students would learn makeup online for free when they cannot afford a paid version. To learn makeup online for free first things first, we must get our things ready.

The things we might need would be the following:

  1. Our mobile phone or a laptop
  2. A proper internet connection
  3. A makeup kit containing makeup products which may include: foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, brushes, etc.
  4. A model: Your beautiful self or possibly someone that you would practice with whenever you are ready to practice.
  5. Good lightning: Good lighting is important as it helps the uniformity of proper makeup. It helps you to paint all parts properly the face uniformly.
  6. A mirror: A mirror is usually there. Best used when you are learning with yourself. Helps us know what we are doing and avoid mistakes in painting.
  7. After acquiring all these things we are good to go.

Where can you Learn Makeup Online for Free?

We have established that we can learn makeup online for free. Now we address the question, where?

There are many places where make-up could be learned for free. Only that some places would not offer you certificates for learning makeup online there.

They include the following:

1.YouTube:  Makeup can be learned online for free is YouTube.

This is one of the largest social media platforms and has helped a lot of lives by providing lessons and skills that will cost fortunes at the minimal expense of a like, a share, and data.

On YouTube, many courses are available there and platforms like Jaclyn Hill, NikkieTutorials, and Tati Westbrook are popular channels where we can learn makeup.

  1. Udemy: This online platform is similar to YouTube, but strictly for learning. Teaches makeup for students willing to learn for free. Udemy has the advantage over YouTube of being able to offer certificates of completion of the lessons after you are done with the course.

3. Skillshare: Skillshare provides skills with excellent lectures at our leisure.

Skillshare is quite different as it might require a little payment for a course subscription but from there and beyond we have access to all the courses we need. It is a good learning platform to learn makeup almost for free online.

  1. Instagram: I know you would be surprised by this too. This great social media platform can be put to proper use.

Following personalities that have makeup content could help us pick up some skills that might help us on our learning journey.

Also, following trends like #makeup and others could lead us through videos and write-ups so that we could learn so much.

  1. Makeup Forever is a  beautiful place to learn makeup online.

This organization provides makeup videos for free and teaches the learners important things they would need to know on their makeup journey.

Are Online Makeup Courses Accredited?

In accreditation, the third party approves the course being though, this shows the meet they educational standards.

Some of the accrediting bodies of  Online makeup courses may include the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild or the International Make-up Association

Their answer could either be a yes or a no depending on the institution that offers the course.

Some institutions offer accredited courses, while some are just there to teach you for free. Using our previous examples, for instance, You would. not expect learning from places like YouTube or Instagram to be accredited.

Some places where their online makeup courses are accredited might include:

  1. Academy of Art University
  2. The University of West London
  3. Blanche Macdonald Centre
  4. Aveda Institute
  5. Paul Mitchell Schools
  6. Academy of Makeup
  7. Online Makeup Academy
  8. Cinema Makeup School
  9. Make-up Designory (MUD)
  10. QC Makeup Academy.

List of the Free Online Makeup Courses with Certificates

Below contains a list of the online makeup courses you can get for free with certificates upon completion. They include:

  • Color Theory for Makeup: Eyeshadows
  • How to Lift and Tint Eyelashes
  • Nail art for beginners
  • Bridal Makeup Workshop
  • How to Do Contour and Highlight Like a Pro
  • Diploma in Makeup Artistry
  • Beauty Therapy Training Course
  • Beauty Tips and Tricks: An Introduction to Applying Makeup
  • Makeup & Nails Certification Course Online
  • How to create Everyday/Work makeup look – Like a Pro.

Free Online Makeup Courses With Certificates

As we have gone through some of our common questions, let’s begin officially.

1. Color Theory for Makeup: Eyeshadows

About Course: Colour Theory for Makeup: eye-shadow is one of the free makeup courses online and is offered by a Mixed Media Artist Mira Metzler.

This makeup course teaches proper coloring and color combinations of the eyeshadows.

This instructor who is passionate about wanting to make women look beautiful teaches this by first introducing them to coloring and knowing the color combinations to use on the eyelid while painting. She also teaches them by making them draw the color wheel on paper and making the right combinations of colors ie matching colors.

Place of study: Skillshare

Materials needed for the course: Paper, pen, eyeshadow, brush mostly

Duration of study: 29min

Click here to enroll.

2. How to Lift and Tint Eyelashes.

About Course: We can all agree that a properly made eyelash adds a good percentage to the beauty of a woman. Those eyes become well-dressed. Although a risky procedure, Lifting, and Tinting of eyelashes are aimed at making the eyelashes fuller and darker.

Lifting and Tinting is a free makeup online course with a certificate offered by Alison that teaches students how to perform the procedure and best practices to avoid injury during the procedure.

Place of study: Alison

Materials needed for the course: To study this course online you have to have yours. Eye Pads, Eyelash tint kit, and its contents, Eyelash lift kit and its contents, Micro Brushes, cotton swab, Timer, Petroleum jelly.

Duration of study: 1.5-3 hours

Click here to enroll.

3. Nail Art for Beginners

About Course: Nail Art for Beginners is one of our free makeup online courses. A well-shaped nail adds beauty to the hands of a woman.

Nail art is a course that teaches how to design, shape, paint, and care for nails. Remember this is on both the hands and the feet.

Nail art can be studied by anyone and be it a woman looking to become more attractive or a makeup artist looking to add more skills to her resume.

Although it might seem this course is not completely free, the price is cheap for a nice certificated course. Just a few dollars and you will have this great skill.

Place of study: Udemy

Materials needed for the course: For learning this course, it is best to have the following at hand.

  1. Nail polish
  2. Nail art brushes
  3. Stamping kit
  4. Nail stickers
  5. Dotting tools
  6. Nail file and buffer
  7. Nail polish remover
  8. Topcoat
  9. Nail tape
  10. Nail studs

Duration of study: 5 hours.

Click here to enroll.

4. Bridal Makeup Workshop

About Course: All thanks to this course a bride looks stunning on her wedding day.

Bridal Makeup Workshop is a free online makeup course that teaches students how to properly make a bride up for the glory of her wedding day.

By learning this course you would learn the following within it:  lip color, foundation, concealer, skincare preparation, eye makeup, and setting spray. It usually requires an expert level of makeup to work on a bride. But with practice, you would get there.

Place of study: Alison

Materials needed for the course: This includes almost everything in a makeup kit which includes:

  1. Makeup Brushes of different sizes
  2. Makeup products like Eyeliner, Foundations, Mascara, Lip Gloss, etc
  3. Good lightning.
  4. Mirrors
  5. Skincare products.
  6. Disposables like cotton swabs and cotton pads.
  7. Eyelids curler
  8. Makeup sponges
  9. Qtips
  10. 10. Tweezers

Duration of study: 1.5-3 hours

Click here to enroll.

5. How to Do Contour and Highlight Like a Pro

About Course: Did you know that those distinguished cheekbones and crispy jawlines that are found very attractive are not all natural?

In this free online makeup course, you learn this.

How to Do Contour and Highlight like a Pro is a course that teaches how to use shades to create goddess-like sculptured faces.

Some of the things they can do include the Creation of well-defined Jawlines, the Creation of well-defined Cheekbones, and the perfection of the temple, brow bone, cuspid bone, and others.

The study of the course would teach you how to use the right tools to create the right shapes and curves, blend them properly and yet make them appear as natural as they can be.

It is indeed a beautiful course.

Place of study:  Alison

Materials needed for the course: They include the following.

  1. Contouring products
  2. Mirror
  3. Lightning
  4. Highlighting powders or creams like matte or shimmery
  5. Makeup Brushes of varying sizes.
  6. Cotton swab
  7. Cotton pads
  8. Facial tissue
  9. Disposable makeup products.

Duration of study: 1.5-3 hours

Click here to enroll.

6. Diploma in Makeup Artistry

About Course:

This course is very important and should be learned by every makeup artist who wishes to be successful and every woman who wishes to look beautiful.

It is a broad free online makeup course that teaches students how to do makeup for bridal occasions, editorial occasions, and fashion occasions.

It does not stop there. The students also learn other skills they need in makeup like marketing, branding, and others that they need to attract customers. Our choice university offers this with a higher amount of time than other courses which shows the importance.

Place of study: Alison

Materials needed for the course:

A full makeup kit that contains

  1. Foundation
  2. Concealer
  3. Eye-shadow
  4. Lipstick
  5. Blushes etc
  6. Makeup brushes of different sizes
  7. Skincare products like moisturizers, cleansers, etc
  8. Sanitation products
  9. Mannequins or models

Duration of study: 6-10  hours

Click here to enroll.

7. Beauty Therapy Training Course

About Course: Getting done with this course makes you a beauty therapist.

A beauty therapist understands the skin of people, its Anatomy, how to care for their skin and nail, beauty treatments, and the application of makeup.

A student of this free online course would learn the varying kinds of skin care products available in the market and places to use them and how to use them.

The course is indeed beautiful.

Place of study: Shaw Academy

Materials needed for the course: Different skin care products like

  1. Moisturizers
  2. Cleansers
  3. Ethanol
  4. Nail care products ( nail wax remover)
  5. Textbooks for the study of the course
  6. Laptops mobile phones
  7. First aid kit. ( Yes this is just in case of accidents )
  8. Stationeries ( like pens, and pencils for taking notes)
  9. Some makeup products.

Duration of study: 4 weeks

Click here to enroll

8. Beauty Tips and Tricks: An Introduction to Applying Makeup

About Course: This a beginner online makeup course and is taught on skill share by Cheslie Baker. This course is introductory as it teaches students who don’t know anything about makeup.

It goes as basic as teaching about brushes, their different sizes and uses, foundations, and lip color application. They also help students by teaching them individually different parts of the face and how makeup can be applied there.

Place of study: Skillshare

Materials needed for the course:

  1. Makeup brushes of different sizes
  2. Foundations
  3. A mini makeup kit.
  4. Mobile phone or Laptop
  5. Internet connectivity.

Duration of study: 40 min

Click here to enroll

9. Makeup & Nails Certification Course Online

About Course: This free online course is a combination of some of the courses listed here already. The course teaches students to do proper makeup, nail care, and skincare techniques.

Part of the final stages of the makeup lectures includes teaching the students how to create an almost impeccable contour.

Place of study: Shaw Academy

Materials needed for the course:

Makeup products like

  1. Foundation
  2. Concealer
  3. Eye-shadow
  4. Lipstick
  5. Blushes etc
  6. Makeup brushes of different sizes
  7. Skincare products like moisturizers, cleansers, etc
  8. Nail care products etc

Duration of study: 4 weeks

Click here to enroll.

10. How to create Everyday/Work makeup look – Like a Pro

About Course: It is a beginner course that teaches how to even in a hurry use makeup tricks that uplift your natural beauty.

The course is a brief but promising course on Skillshare and promises to teach the following: Lips  Applying perfect base, Skin preparation, Eye makeup, Contouring & highlighting

Place of study: Skillshare

Materials needed for the course:

A mini makeup kit that should have

  1. Foundation
  2. Concealer
  3. Eye-shadow
  4. Lipstick
  5. Blushes etc
  6. Makeup brushes of different sizes

Duration of study: 12 min

Click here to enroll 


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs can I get after completing an online makeup course?

This is a nice question.

Studying online makeup courses open us to a wide variety of well-paying professions which include the following.

  • Makeup Artist
  • Beauty editor
  • Beauty blogger
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist
  • Beauty Advisor
  • Editorial Makeup Artist
  • Bridal Makeup Artist
  • Theater Makeup Artist
  • Celebrity Makeup Artist
  • Beauty Brand Sales Representative

And many more. The job opportunities are numerous and well paying.

What is the best online makeup course?

Now I would not like to judge anyone here and I would like to give answers from my perspective.

Of all the courses I researched, one particular one somehow encompassed the rest and that was the Diploma in Makeup Artistry

Somehow learning it alone covers a whole bulk of the other makeup courses. The course after studying provides more opportunities for the student.

Remember this is from my point of view.  You could have one that you prefer and have reasons that back that. That is okay.

Do I need to purchase any makeup tools or equipment for an online makeup course?

Yes, you need to. This is usually one of the disadvantages of studying online. The students may not necessarily take the practicals seriously and they would have done if present.

Practice makes perfect. To be able to be perfect in these courses we need to buy the materials and practice along with them.

Some courses instruct the students on the materials they would buy to be able to participate in their classes too.

The materials are important. Go through the blog to see a great number of them. I listed them along with the courses each one is relevant for.

How long do online makeup courses take to complete?

The time differs depending on the course that is offered.  Some might be as small as 12 min (How to Create Everyday/Work makeup look – Like a Pro) and some may be as long as up to.4 weeks (Beauty Therapy Training Course)

They all vary according to the instructor lecturing it and the institutions offering them.

What are the costs of online makeup courses?

This varies according to the institutions offering them and the instructor too.

Some could be free like a majority of them listed here.

The prices may range from like $50-$20,000 depending on the certifies, or whether it is a diploma course.