1-Year Bachelor Degrees Online

1-Year Bachelor Degrees Online in 2023

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Do you want to get your 1-year bachelor degrees online? Hold on, do you argue this? Well then, stay with me on this article. You have a lot of new knowledge to receive.

It is not even a major fact that a lot of people hate school; I mean, we have this metric from ThinkImpact to prove it! Each year on average, only 41% of college students go ahead to complete their four years of study in most institutions that were studied. 40% of students drop out!

What does this say about modern-day college students? Well, it can be argued that students these days are becoming lazy; that’s what any boomer will tell you. But what if the technologies available to us today ridiculously reduced our expectations and excitement for going to school?

Technology has done so much good for humanity, disrupting nearly every aspect of human existence and our economies along with it. These days, nobody wants to sit through college to learn music production or audio engineering for four years when they can just enroll in vocational music schools and be done in less than two years. Nobody wants to spend four years learning data analytics in college when they can pay for a diploma in MOOCs and finish learning in a shorter time. Nobody wants to spend four years studying courses that really shouldn’t take that long.

Well, still the fact remains that education is the enlightenment that we all need; whether you prefer spending less time learning or not, you must continuously get an education in things that matter to you if you must stay relevant.

And if you are on the side of the fence that prefers to get your studies over with quickly, then we guarantee that you will love our article today; we have researched and found out that you can go through college education in one year with these 1-year bachelor’s degrees online in 2023.

Yes, you read that right. In this blog post, we will explore the world of 1-year bachelor’s degrees online and how you can apply for them. From legal studies to computer science, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Overview of 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

Gone are the days when earning a bachelor’s degree required spending years on end in a traditional brick-and-mortar institution. Today, a 1-year bachelor’s degree online (also known as “accelerated degrees”) from a reputable school can give you the same qualifications as someone who spent four years in college. It’s now possible to complete a bachelor’s degree program in just one year, thanks to online learning platforms and new technologies. This was an initiative that was brought about by schools that want to cater to the education needs of working students who wanted to go back to school without pausing their lives for long.

These programs typically garnered favor among working students and professionals who were;

  • Changing careers; e.g., accelerated nursing tracks are available to non-nurses who want to fast-track their career and switch to the nursing profession.
  • Or trying to get a degree quickly; e.g., a non-degree holder who already works in the computer science industry but needs the bachelor’s degree certificate to improve his credential as employers may prefer employing people with that background preference.

Online bachelor’s degree programs are flexible, affordable, and designed to help busy individuals complete their degrees in less time. These programs are ideal for working professionals, people with families, and anyone who needs to balance their studies with other life commitments.

How to Apply to 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

The application process for a 1-year bachelor’s degree online is similar to that of a traditional degree program. You’ll need to research schools and programs that offer 1-year bachelor’s degrees, and then apply to your chosen school. Most schools require that you have a high school diploma or equivalent, and some may require that you have prior college credits.

The application process typically includes filling out an online application form, submitting transcripts, and providing personal and academic references. You may also be required to write an essay or provide a statement of purpose. Once you’ve been accepted into the program, you will work with an academic advisor to create a plan of study based on your goals and interests.

Are Online Bachelor’s Degrees Recognized by Employers?

One-year bachelor’s degrees offered online by reputable schools are recognized by employers and accredited institutions. Moreso, these programs we have listed are offered by schools and colleges that have been accredited by a recognized accrediting body, such as the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, or the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), etc.

List of 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

There are many 1-year bachelor’s degree programs available online. Here are some of the most popular programs you can consider:

  • Legal Studies
  • Human Services
  • Environmental Policy
  • Emergency Management
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • English
  • Health Science
  • Management
  • Online Finance.

Overview of 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online and Schools That Offer Them

One-year bachelor’s degree programs have gained popularity in recent years as more students seek to complete their education quickly and efficiently. Many top universities and colleges now offer these programs online, making them accessible to students around the world.

For those who want to work in government, corporate law, or law enforcement, a one-year bachelor’s degree in legal studies is a fantastic choice. These courses cover subjects like civil litigation, legal writing, and criminal law. Along with learning about the legal system, you’ll develop the analytical and critical thinking abilities necessary for success in the field. However, most accelerated JD programs (Juris Doctor) offered online last for two years. While others stay as long as three years.

The following schools offer 2-year online JD programs for you to check out:

2. Human Services 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

People who want to help others can pursue a 1-year bachelor’s degree in human services. Social work, psychology, and counseling are some of the subjects covered in this program. The government, non-profits, and social services are all places where graduates of these programs can find employment.

Some top schools for this include:

3. Environmental Policy 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

A 1-year bachelor’s degree in environmental policy is something to think about if you care deeply about the environment and want to make a difference. Topics like environmental law, energy policy, and sustainable practices are part of the curriculum in most online universities offering Environmental Policy and Management. Graduates can find employment in the public or private sectors of the economy.

Some recommended universities include:

4. Emergency Management 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

For those who want to work in emergency management, homeland security, or public safety, a one-year bachelor’s degree is the best option. Crisis management, risk assessment, and emergency planning are some topics covered in these programs. Graduates of this program may find employment in the public or private sectors of industry.

Some top schools are:

5. Computer Science 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

Without a shred of doubt, learning computer and computer science programs online are by far the easiest degrees to come by (in terms of availability and access). Anyone who wants to work in technology should get a computer science bachelor’s degree, which takes one year to complete in some online universities and MOOC platforms.

Depending on your career goals and choice, database management, software development, and programming languages are all available program options in some of these schools. After graduating, you can work in software engineering, web development, or cybersecurity.

Our best recommendations for your studies include:

  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Harvard MOOCs
  • Free MOOCs platforms like Coursera, edX, Kaggle, Udacity, Udemy, and more. Most of these platforms partner with top universities to bring you specialized course curriculums and degrees to help get your computer science career started.

6. Criminal Justice 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

People who want to work in law enforcement, the court system, or corrections should consider a 1-year bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Forensic science, criminal law, and other related subjects are all covered in most of these programs. The police, courts, or correctional facilities are all places where graduates can find employment.

Here are our top schools for bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice:

7. English 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online 

English language online bachelor’s degree programs are created to give students a thorough understanding of the language and its usage, as well as instruction in effective communication and critical thinking.

Students who enroll in online Bachelor’s degree programs in the English Language can expect to develop strong communication skills, a deep understanding of the language, and improved critical thinking, preparing them for a successful career in a variety of industries.

Some remarkable Bachelor of Arts programs online for you are offered by:

8. Health Science 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

Health science workers are one of the most important people that make up the health industry, and as a result, schools must continually make these programs worth up to scratch. For example, nursing is already one of the most popular careers in the world; yet, the job demand is still growing at a steady rate. It is no wonder it has one of the largest professional workforces.

If you are a working professional who wants to switch careers to nursing, or you are already a registered nurse (RN) looking for a fast-track 1-year bachelor’s degree online (BSN) that can bolster your qualifications to obtain a working license, here are the top schools we’ve got for you:

PS: Most of these universities (if not all) require that you must have completed a non-nursing bachelor’s degree in another accredited college to be considered for admission. So, if you are a first-time college student, these programs may not be for you. You can do some more research to find what you are looking for.

9. Management 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

Online universities offer online bachelor’s degrees in management. Many universities offer management online degree programs that let students finish their degrees online. These courses cover a wide range of subjects, such as leadership, marketing, operations, and finance.

With an internet connection, students can access their coursework from anywhere, study at their own pace, and accommodate other commitments. Online bachelor’s degree programs in management can be a great choice for people who want to earn a degree while juggling other commitments or for working professionals looking to advance their careers.

The following are online schools we recommend for management courses:

10. Finance 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees in Finance offered online are programs that allow individuals to complete their undergraduate degree in finance within a year of study. These courses are created for people who want to advance their careers in finance and already have some college education or work experience in the field.

Courses in financial analysis, investment management, financial planning, accounting, and business law are all part of the curriculum. The emphasis of the coursework is on building abilities and knowledge in financial risk management, financial reporting, and investment decision-making. Students also learn how to apply financial theories and concepts to actual situations as well as about current issues and trends in the finance industry. Using the online format, students can access.

The top recommended schools for this include:

FAQs About 1-Year Bachelor’s Degrees Online

What is a 1-year bachelor’s degree online?

A 1-year bachelor’s degree online is a degree program that allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree in just one year (or less than two years) by completing coursework online. These programs are typically offered by accelerated degree programs and require students to be highly motivated and committed to completing coursework quickly.

How do you know if a 1-year bachelor’s degree online is right for you?

A 1-year bachelor’s degree online is a good choice for students who are looking to earn a degree quickly and have the motivation to complete coursework at a fast pace. Students who can handle a demanding academic workload and have a high level of self-discipline typically do best in these programs. Normally, we advise students who intend to take accelerated courses to stop engaging in other activities that might distract them (like work). However, you can give it a shot if you can juggle your work obligations with an accelerated program schedule.

What are the benefits of a 1-year bachelor’s degree online?

The main benefit of a 1-year bachelor’s degree online is that students can earn a degree more quickly than in traditional programs. This can be especially helpful for students who are looking to enter the workforce or graduate school sooner.

Are there any disadvantages to earning a bachelor’s degree online?

Accelerated bachelor programs as notorious for being hectic. As a result, tasks that would typically take four years to complete must now be completed in a shorter amount of time, which makes life very busy for students who enroll in these programs.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, given the popularity of online learning, we can expect more cutting-edge methods of online education in the future, such as platforms powered by virtual reality and artificial intelligence. This might help to improve and interactively enhance the entire online learning experience.

Consider pursuing a one-year online bachelor’s degree if you want to advance your career or educational goals. Moreover, pursuing an online degree has never been more appealing thanks to the flexibility and convenience of online learning, as well as the high caliber of accredited programs and the possibility of finishing a degree quickly.

Therefore, take a look at the many options for 1-year bachelor’s degrees offered online, whether you are a working professional looking to advance your career or a recent high school graduate looking for a fast track to a degree. A top-notch education is just a few clicks away with the right program.